Are you interested in working with C.H.H.A to beat the physician shortage and provide valuable opportunities for IMGs? We're always looking to expand our network!

Apply to be a partner
Apply to be a partner



Your guidance and expertise are crucial in training the next generation of physicians.


  • Receive an education stipend for your partnership with C.H.H.A.
  • Train and work with new physicians.
  • Welcome new physicians into your community.
  • Increase the presence of bilingual physicians.
  • Receive CME credits (depending on location).
  • Boost your physician workforce to improve patient care.
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We partner with ACGME accredited hospitals to provide US clinical clerkships to international medical graduates.


  • Attract new talent to your facility.
  • Increase your pool of possible residency candidates.
  • Reduce your physician shortage.
  • Train and work with qualified, bilingual professionals.



We connect students with clerkships at ACGME accredited facilities and improve their chances of securing a residency.


  • C.H.H.A. has a proven history of matching students to positions.
  • Receive administrative support.
  • Get USMLE tutoring (depending on location).
  • Prepare a competitive residency application.
  • Get hands-on experience in clinical settings.
  • Grow your network and develop lifelong relationships.
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Clinical US Clerkships

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