Our aim is to provide top-tier US clinical experience for IMGs, ensuring that each clinical rotation is meaningful and impactful. We meticulously hand-select and vet our partners to guarantee that you receive the most fruitful clinical clerkship experience.

Wondering what is a clinical rotation ? It's all about immersing yourself in various medical settings, both inpatient and outpatient, to gain hands-on experience and develop essential clinical skills. These rotations offer a deep dive into different specialties, allowing you to understand the nuances of medical practice in the USA. Join us for an immersive medical education experience, where you'll not only learn the ropes of clinical practice, but also build crucial connections within the healthcare community. 

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+14 Available Clerkship Locations

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Clerkship Benefits


The Personalized Guidance You Need as an IMG

Embark on your journey towards a competitive US residency application with personalized support from our team. Specializing in clinical rotations for international medical students, we're dedicated to ensuring you acquire the necessary experience to successfully match into residency.


Trusted Partners

We've meticulously selected and vetted partners and affiliates to ensure a positive experience for all. Each of our partners bears the esteemed CHHA stamp of approval, guaranteeing quality and reliability.


A Variety of Opportunities Based on Your Goals

Whether your aspirations lie in internal medicine, pediatrics, or other types of rotations, we offer a diverse range of clerkship opportunities designed to align with your ambitions as an IMG. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you towards your desired specialty with precision and expertise.

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"I had a fantastic experience rotating here. The preceptors helped me attain residency through their guidance. I was taught the skills required to succeed in my residency program."

Maria R.


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"Every preceptor I've had the opportunity of rotating with has been very willing to teach and has been very kind to me as a student. I have been taught how to have great bedside manners and how important it is to love what you do but most importantly your patients."

Matt N.

Medical student

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"The doctors have taught me valuable lessons on how to talk to patients, how to make diagnoses, and how to work out a plan for each individual patient, how to eliminate all the differentials and make the final diagnosis."

Ryan H.

Medical student

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"The experience has been excellent! From surgical exposure to priceless clinical skills, it has been an outstanding program. The small group setting has really allowed me to connect with the doctors and engage in patient care."

Luis S.

Medical student

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Clinical US Clerkships

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