Sep 21, 2023

Med School Interview Outfit: How to Dress for Success


First impressions matter. So do second, third, and fourth impressions. Interviewing for medical school is going to require you to speak with a number of people, possibly both in person and virtually. So, what should you wear to frame yourself in the best possible light? Keep scrolling for pro tips for your med school interview outfit.

Med School Interview Outfit: 3 Tips for Dressing Like a Professional

You want something that is both professional and flattering, so let's go through a few simple tips that you can easily apply to your own med school interview outfit.

1. Go for Natural Hair, Make-Up, and Nails

Understandably, med students want to be memorable. However, going for a look that is too attention-grabbing can backfire.

Opt for short, clean nails. If you wear polish, go for something clear or natural in shade. Your hair should be washed and styled. If you have long hair, choose something sleek and professional, like a ponytail or bun.

If you wear make-up, similar to nail polish, keep it natural. Avoid bright colors and anything too heavy or distracting.

On a similar note, if you usually wear perfume or cologne, remember that a scent you love might not sit well with someone else. Skip it, or go very light.

man and woman conducting med school interview

2. Avoid Busy Patterns, Fabrics, and Logos

Whether you're wearing a suit, dress suit (make sure it goes to at least your knees!), or something of the like, stick with a classic color like black or blue. For the button-down/blouse you're wearing, white or gray are usually safe choices.

While fashion might be your specialty, now's not the time to think outside of the box too much. Don't wear anything with logos or graphics. Stick with clothes (including ties and vests) that are plain and pattern-free.

And importantly, don't forget to match your socks with your shoes. If you're wearing black shoes (a good choice), match them with black socks. Ladies, you can also opt for nude stockings. Open-toed shoes and super-high heels are a no-go. And be sure to remove any dirt or scuff marks before your interview.

Wondering what you can carry? While women commonly bring a purse when they leave the house, consider a briefcase or something similar. This gives you a place to keep your resume and other important documents.

3. Consider Visiting a Tailor in Advance

scissors, thread, measuring tape

Just as important as what you wear is how it fits. It can be hard to find clothing directly off the rack that fits you like a glove. While it is an extra expense, it's worth the money to visit a tailor/seamstress who can alter your clothes to fit your body. This might mean hemming your pants or taking the waist of your blouse in a little.

While your med school interview outfit might seem a little plain and even boring, this is actually the best approach you can take. How you dress is a reflection of you as a professional, so keep it clean, classy, and flattering.

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