Sep 21, 2023

How a USCE Placement Agency Can Help You During Your Medical School Journey


Whether you’re fresh out of medical school and want to further your education or you're a practicing doctor looking for medical experience in the United States, you have to fulfill US clinical experience (USCE), as many program directors and institutions require this as a prerequisite for international medical graduates (IMGs). Yet, even if you’re well-researched or have years of work experience outside of the US, it can be challenging to understand the ins and outs of the USCE. But with a credible and respected USCE placement agency, you’ll be able to ease into the processes and increase your chances of success.

Here are just a few ways a USCE placement agency can help you.

How a USCE Placement Agency Can Help You During Medical School

1. Provides Quality Affiliations

To be considered a competitive candidate, you have totrain in ACGME-approved institutions that guarantee superior standards for their organization,academic curriculum, and programs.

USCE placement agencies understand how important this is. At CHHA, we offer a large network of carefully-selected accredited affiliates — including hospitals, physicians, and medical schools — so that you’re adequately prepared and better-qualified for your residency and licensure.  

2. Matches You With the Right Residency

Your USCE placement agency helps you achieve your medical goals by matching you with the right residency.

CHHA offers a wide variety of residency programs, such as family medicine, internal medicine, pathology, pediatrics, and psychiatry. No matter where you're from or what plans you have for your medical future, we’ll help you get there.

3. Offers Comprehensive Hands-On Experience

A quality USCE placement agency knows that acquiring clinical clerkship is important for IMGs so that they can experience primary care and various specialties.

At CHHA, we have a clinical rotation program that allows you to work directly with medical staff, conduct physical examinations, do case presentations, perform laboratory analysis, and even attend workshops and conferences.

We have accredited physician affiliates who provide supervised clinical experience, mentorship, and guidance on how to apply theoretical knowledge in real-life settings. These help you become eligible for the NRMP, build a strong clinical foundation, and succeed in the Annual Residency Match.

4. Helps You Prepare More Effectively

The US residency application is a tedious andcompetitive process. But with the help of a USCE placement agency, you canensure that your requirements are in place.

CHHA collects all your documents and helps you build astrong application. We provide interview coaching to review your strengths andweaknesses and practice scenarios through mock interviews. We check and makerecommendations on your CV and personal statement to ensure that these showcaseyour abilities and experiences.

5. Assists You on the Extra Tasks

Your USCE placement agency can help smooth out your medicalcareer path, and this doesn’t only meanthe application and interview processes.

CHHAcan assist you on services that go beyond education-related ones, including:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Vaccination and immunization history
  • Tuberculosis and 10-panel drug screening
  • Financial compensation for attending physicians and hospitals
  • Certifications in BLS, ACLS, HIPAA, and Infection Control

CHHA works with international medical students, graduates, and universities, provides hands-on training, and offers preparation services to build a competitive US residency application and to ensure one’s success in the field. Contact CHHA today to learn more.

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