Sep 21, 2023

Clerkship for International Medical Students: What You Need to Know

Clinical Clerkship

Clerkship for international medical students is a type of U.S. clinical experience that helps aspiring medical professionals acquire adequate, relevant, and hands-on experience in the country’s medical environment. As a part of your residency prep, visiting medical student clerkships help assess your knowledge of the medical practice in the United States.

Let’s discuss what you need to know about clerkship for IMG. 

What is Clerkship for International Medical Students?

As a visiting international medical student, you get to learn direct patient care duties during your clerkship. You experience one-on-one patient interactions, discover a range of diseases, and even participate in teaching rounds and conferences. These help build your skills essential to medical practice, all through hands-on experiences. 

At C.H.H.A, our Clinical Rotation Program is a standardized clinical clerkship for IMGs. We work with medical schools to provide IMGs with a comprehensive clinical experience in primary care and different specialties. We also help them acquire first-hand experience to apply their theoretical knowledge. 

Essentially, clerkship for international medical students is key to building a strong foundation in clinical medicine and succeeding in medical practice in the country.

international medical student doing clerkship

How to Secure a Clerkship for IMG

You should explore multiple pathways when you’re inquiring about visiting medical student clerkships so you can make smart decisions. 

Here are some options for you to consider:

  • Contact hospitals and medical centers for placement opportunities.
  • Look into medical-related forum sites.
  • Pay attention to posted opportunities through paid services and universities.
  • Reach out to your personal and private connections. 
  • Seek the guidance and services of a placement agency.

To plan ahead for your clinical clerkship application, you have to prepare the following requirements:

In addition, you may be required to submit a copy of your government-issued ID or passport, personal insurance, proof of vaccinations, and verification of US citizenship, permanent residency, or other visa. 

Why are Clerkships for International Medical Students important? 

When you’re a visiting medical student, you need to learn the best practices within the medical industry in the U.S. As such, embarking on clerkships will help you prepare for the real work. 

The clerkships for international medical students help assess your ability to handle high-pressure situations, work in a fast-paced climate, and be effective in various patient care settings. It also ensures that you’re suited to engage with different kinds of patients. More importantly, it trains you to provide the best possible medical care in your future career. 

Ultimately, completing your clerkships shows that you can efficiently apply best practices in the U.S. medical environment.

Do you need any assistance with your clerkship as an international medical student? C.H.H.A is here to help. We work with international medical students, graduates, and universities. We also provide hands-on training and offer prep services to help develop a competitive U.S. resident application and ensure your success. 

Contact us today to learn more. 

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